Festive Keepsake Fairies & Angels

... A lovely Christmas keepsake gift whether as a present or for handing on the Christmas tree!  

Read each sentiment; each one is different!  

Christmas Fairy
£5.99 + P&P


Poem reads:

‘Make a Christmas wishand I”ll listen to what you sayAs fairies are for life –not just for Christmas day!’


Fun, festive fairy with a sparkly red and gold heart print dress, heart sequin and tinkling bell feet.


Perfect fairy for your Christmas tree – one of our best sellers!


Size: 14cms height without ribbon.

Christmas Angel
£5.99 + P&P

Poem reads:

‘I have been sent from above

to bring you joy, peace and love.

Wishing happiness to all far and near

for Christmas and the coming New Year.'



Gorgeous angel with printed gold hearts on white organza dress, a gold heart sequin, gold sequinned hair and tinkling bell feet!

Perfect tree or table decoration for Christmas.


Size: 14 cms without ribbon.


Festive Fairy
£5.99 + P&P

Poem reads:

‘Have a fairy Merry Christmas

may all your wishes come true!

Sending joy, peace and happiness to you

With love from ……………. to ……………… x’


Festive red fairy with snowflake printed dress, red sequinned hair and tinkling bell feet!


Gorgeous Christmas tree decoration, stocking filler or gift for someone special this Christmas. Poem can be personalised with both the sender and recipient’s name so also makes a great alternative Christmas card!


Size: 14 cms without ribbon.


Guardian Angel
£5.99 + P&P


Poem reads:

‘I have been sent especially to …………………

to protect you and be your guide.

I love you forever, we are never apart

I am always by your side.’



Beautiful angel with silver printed heart dress, heart sequin, leaded legs and tinkling bell feet.


A keepsake gift for anyone who needs a guardian angel to remind them every day they are not alone.


Size 14 cms without ribbon.


Glitter Quote Fairy - Good Friends
£6.99 + P&P

Quote reads:

‘Good friends are like stars. You don’t have to see them to know they are always there.’


A lovely gift for a friend no matter what age, to let them know how important they are in your life.


New extra sparkly fairy design with alternating peacock colour glitter ribbon, light blue organza ribbon and green organza ribbon dress.  Blue star sequin on dress, blue sequinned hair and blue tinkling bell feet.

New heart shaped tag with a simple yet effective sentiment.


Size 14 cms without ribbon hanging.



I love You Pixie Fairy
£5.99 + P&P

Message reads:

‘I love you so fairy much!’

‘A little fairy especially for ………………..

With love, hugs and fairy kisses from ……………….. x’



A lovely gift to give to someone special.

Beaded leg fairy with spotty red dress and pink sequins along the bottom finished of with a pink sequin heart on her dress.


Height 14cms without ribbon.

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