Keepsake Fairies, Angels & Gifts for Special Occasions


Friendship Fairy
£5.99 + P&P

‘I've been especially sent to you from……………………….to say‘You truly are a magical friend,I hope our friendship never ends.’


A very pretty fairy with a light pink organza dress, flower sequin, beaded legs and little tinkling bell feet!Poem can be personalised to give to your friend making a lovely gift for ALL ages, for any occasion or just to bring a smile to someone’s day!


Size: 14cms height without ribbon

Happy Fairy
£5.99 + P&P

Poem reads:

‘If you feel blue, I’m here for you

to bring happiness to your day.

Smile, laugh, hug, be happy

and your troubles will fly away!’



Lovely fairy with pink flower print dress on sparkly yellow, flower sequin, bead legs and tinkling bell feet.


A cheerful fairy to brighten up your day!


Size 14 cms without ribbon.


Love Fairy
£5.99 + P&P


‘I’ve been sent from ……………… to ………… say with joy ‘I love you!’.So keep me forever close to your heartand we will never ever be apart.’


Gorgeous fairy with pink hearts on a fuchsia pink organza dress, heart sequin, sequinned pink hair  and little tinkling bell feet.


Poem can be personalised with both the sender and receipients name thus making a lovely gift for all ages which they can cherish forever!


Great for all occassions including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Valentines or just to give to someone special to say how much you love them.


Size: 14cms height without ribbon.

Birthday Fairy
£5.99 + P&P

Poem reads:

‘I’ve been sent on this very special day especially to you with a little note to say‘ Fairy Happy Birthday to …………………..! with love and fairy wishes from …………..



A perfect birthday present for the girl who loves fairies! Gorgeous fairy with organza dress, star sequins and little bell feet.


Poem can be personalised with the Birthday girl and the senders name so a nice alternative to a card which can be admired every day and kept forever!



Size: 14cms height without ribbon.

Fairy Sparkle
£7.50 + P&P

‘I have some Fairy Sparkle dust for you to help make all your dreams come true!Make a wish, let your worries fly away thensprinkle Fairy Sparkle to brighten up your day!’


A pretty fairy with a bottle of light pink fairy sparkle dust! Apply the dust with finger to moisturised skin on your face or body to add some sparkle to your day!


Sparkly fairy with pink sequin hair, pink dress and tinkling bell feet will look after your bottle of Fairy Sparkle dust for you to sprinkle whenever you need!


Please note, Fairy Sparkle dust is not Fair Trade but is made in the USA and packed in the UK with love.



Guardian Angel Boxed
Guardian Angel Boxed
£10.50 + P&P


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Welcome to the World Angel
Welcome to the World Angel Keepsake Box
£10.50 + P&P


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Fairy Keyrings
Fairy Keyring


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